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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Step Up....Dennis Mutuma "Ze Blogger" Kutoka Kenya

Wiki Iliyopita niliahidi kuanzia Jumatano hii na zinazokuja nitakuwa nawaletea Step Up. Leo ninaanza na Step Up kutoka kenya.

Wakati wa Matayarisho ya Ule Mkesha Mkubwa wa AFLEWO uliofanyika pale Diamond Jubilee nilibahatika kutengeneza Network mpya ya marafiki wa kutoka katika nchi ya Kenya ambao walikuja kama "Team" ya Aflewo kutoka nchi hiyo jirani.
Kati ya Marafiki niliowapata wapya ni mtu mcheshi na mtundu pengine kunizidi ni Dennis. I loved this man mara tu baada ya kuanza kuongea nae, it was like an accident but there was a divine Connection In It. I discovered a purpose kwanini nilikuwa sehemu ya team ya Aflewo Tanzania.
Since then Dennis has been my friend for real we found we have a lot in Common in us.
Ihuatayo ni Maelezo ya Dennis Kuhusu Maisha yake.
Born Mutuma Dennis in the early 1980's to Mr. Nicholas and Margaret Mwiti; I have been brought up in the Eastern part of Kenya; Meru to be precise and I thank God for my parents. Second born in a Family of Four (3 gairls and 1 boy) I have grown up in a Christian background. I thank God for my parents.
I gave my life to Christ at the age of 10 and from then, I have seen God being faithful in my life!
I have grown knowing that my calling is in Praise and Worship Ministry but over the years, I have seen God open
my eyes and expand my calling not only in Praise and Worship but also into Pastoral and Teaching Offices in his kingdom.
I run a blog Word of Life and for the last three and half years of writing devotional materials from my personal moments
with God; I have seen many lives changed and many impacted. I do not brag about this but all the Glory goes back to God.
What started as a text message with a friend of mine; then to an email has now grown up to a full blog and a website being developed
to be launched by the end of the year! Right now, I have a subscription of 2,000 people who receive my posts via email and many more via RSS feeds.
Writing has become a passion for me and I love when I empty my mind; heart and soul to speak to the lives, situations and circumstances people are going through, through my intimate moments with God. All in all, I count it all joy and am humbled that God would choose a mere person like me to speak and minister to thousans of people across the globe.
All glory unto his name!; now and forever!!
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