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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bwana Amemwita Mama Wa Mwalimu Mgisa Mtebe....

Jana mchana mida ya saa 7 nilipokea simu kutoka kwa School Mate wangu Mwl Mgisa Mtebe. Mgisa Nimesoma na Mwl.Mgisa Mtebe kuanzia Mwaka wa Kwanza Mpaka Mwaka wa 3 pale Mzumbe University. Kwa kawaida huwa tunataniana sana hasa inapofika suala la kupigiana simu siku ya Jumapili basi huwa nahisi amegonganisha Semina 2 na anataka moja nikamsaidie huko. Lakini Jana aliponipigia akaniambia tu "Najiandaa kwenda Morogoro Jioni Ya leo, Bwana amemwita Mama Yangu Mzazi.. I was real shocked sababu nimekuwa nikienda kwa akina Mgisa Morogoro na mama yake ni rafiki yangu sana. Habari zile zilinistua sana.

Mchana wa leo nimewasiliana na Mgisa Mtebe na kwa ujumla wa Marafiki Zake amekuwa na Maneno yafuatayo.

From: Mgisa Mtebe <>
To: Mgisa Mtebe <>
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 2:08 PM
Subject: Our Dear Mother, Usuili Ntenga Mtebe, Passed Away!

Friends, these are the shocking news, that our dear mother has gone to be with the Lord on Sunday, at around 11:50am. She had servere abnominal and back pains due to excessive release of acid in her stomach. She then lost alot of body fluids due to extreme vomiting and diarrhea on friday night. She was admitted the same night and started anti-acid medications on saturday. She gained recovery in the afternoon, but was very weak. She usually had a weak body due to too much strong medications taken into her body for many years on different kinds of sicknesses. therefore combining the excessive loss of body fluids it was difficult for the weak body to fully 'restart' into normal functioning. Her bloodpressure drop but doctors succeeded to maintain it (saturday). In the evening, she was gaining alot of strength and gave us a good hope that made us believed that she will be released on sunday.
                                          Baba na Mama Wa Mwl. Mgisa

The next morning (Sunday) My Father and my young sister Upendo, saw her well and gave her breakfast and left for church hoping that after church, they will come pick her home in Kigurunyembe. But before they were back, the Lord God did that for them before they were back from the Sunday Morning Worship Service, and took her to a better place we all call home; a place where there is no sickness again, no bills and budgets, a place where the saints have joined the heavenly beings into everlasting singing and praises to the Lord God. Its a place where its city, the new Jerusalem city has all roads made by Gold, where lions and lambs play together; a place where we all would never want to leave if given a minute to be in. I am 100% sure that my mother is praying that we all go there now! Yeah! Its a place where we all call home, and in God's apointed time, we will all be there, if will will pass through the gate called Jesus Christ.
                             Mama wa Mwl. Mgisa Mtebe enzi za Uhai wake.

The late has left behind a loving husband Wilson (73), and four children, Neema (37), Mgisa (36), Eliwanzita (33) and Upendo (21). We really thank you for your prayers that are sustaining us through this time. It is well with our souls! The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away! To God be all the Glory Blessed be His Holy name.

Ratiba ya Mazishi;
Ni Jumatano, Chakula ni 12:00 noon
Ibada ni 1:30pm nyumbani kwa Mtebe, (Rombo Kigurunyembe)
Kisha Mazishi (Makaburi ya Kola, Kigurunyembe)
Mgisa Mtebe

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