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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Step Up Mwalimu Mgisa Mtebe.....a.k.a Rabbon

Kati ya Founders Wa Marafiki Huru Forum , Mwalimu Mgisa Mtebe jina lake pia limo ndani, nilifahamiana na Mwalimu Mgisa Mtebe sio miaka Mingi sana iliyopita ni miaka 8 tu iliyopita tukiwa tumeingia wote chuo Kikuu Cha Mzumbe kule Morogoro. Tukiwa chuoni Mgisa alitokea kuwa rafiki yangu sana na mambo yangu "binafsi" alifanyika kuwa rafiki na Msaada mkubwa.

Kama kuna vitu Mungu amemjaalia Mwl Mgisa Mtebe basi ni Kufundisha na Kushauri, ana Wisdom ya ajabu sana Mwl Mgisa Mtebe, nakumbuka tukiwa Chuoni wakati anafanya engagement na mkewe Vick mimi ndo nilikuwa bestman wa Mwl Mgisa Mtebe. Kati ya vitu Mgisa anapenda ni "Mayai Ya Kuchemsha"

Blog ilimtafuta Mwl. Mgisa Mtebe na kutaka kujua kwa sasa "huduma" yake ya kufundisha neno la Mungu inaendaje. Chini ni maelezo machache ya Mgisa Mtebe.

Brother Mgisa Mtebe is a husband to Victoria Justine Rimisho, and a father of two beautiful baby girls. He was born second, in 1975 by Dr. Wilson and Mrs. Usuili Mtebe as the only male child of four, having three lovely sisters, Neema, Eliwanzita and Upendo. Dr. Wilson Mtebe (a lecturer at Mzumbe University) is originally from Ukerewe, an island in the lake Victoria in the northern region of  Tanzania. Mrs. Usuili Ntenga, is originally from Iramba-Singida, a central region in Tanzania. The nuclear family has for long, being based in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Professional Background
Mgisa is primarily a teacher by profession but now working with the Church as an Economist, after graduating his Bachelor Degree from Mzumbe University (2007) in Economic Planning and Project Management. His career-ministry is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Ministry Calling
Brother Mgisa was divinely called by God into the teaching ministry in the very early days of his life, when he was just 17 years young. Though he was brought up in a Christian home of Dr. Wilson and Mrs. Usuili Mtebe, Mgisa met Jesus’ as his personal Lord and Saviour, on a Wednesday evening, on August the 5th, 1992, in a small Sengerema town, when he was doing his secondary education in Mwanza Region. Mgisa respectifully honors the ministry of Pastor Joshua Wawa, who was by then, a Mathematics Teacher at Sengerema Secondary School, as the spiritual father who laid a good foundation of salvation and ministry in his life. He also honors God for the teaching ministry of Teacher Christopher Mwakasege, as the person whom God has used to powerfully to install a divine understanding of the word of God and strengthen the calling of God his life.

The Beginning
After 5 years of passing through different pastoral ministries of various powerful and anointed men of God, Mgisa was noticed to have a very special spiritual gift and teaching ministry, in his life. Everybody around him was somehow touched by this special gift of revelational knowledge of God’s word. He gradually began to be a blessing to his fellow students and teachers. Eventually, he found himself as a leader of the Tanzania Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF-UKWATA) from the school level to the national level. In the year 2000, he was choosen the President of the inter-denominational organization, at national level.

Mgisa acknowledges the students’ ministry as experience that birthed the beginning of God’s divine call, that introduced him into the ministry for the body of Christ, the Church. It was at that point, when the Church in Tanzania, discovered the divine spiritual gift invested by God in this young man. Since then, Mgisa has been ministering the word of God in different Churches, Conferences, Seminars, Schools and Colleges, Universities all around the whole country.
His books, tapes, CDs and DVDs have blessed and changed many lives within and outside the country. ‘Christ Rabbon Ministry’ is an Anointed Ministry of a Teacher or The Ministry of an Anointed Teacher. This Inter-denominational Christian Ministry, serves God with the Purpose of equipping and empowering the people of God, with Revelation knowledge of the word of God. “For the world shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God, as the water covers the sea” (Habakuki 2:14). Glory be to God the most high, who works within them, to fulfill His divine purpose!
kwa maelezo zaidi gonga
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